A Message from Frank Seddio

frank-seddio.jpgWelcome to the website of the Democratic Party of Brooklyn. We represent Democrats from every corner of this borough, all part of the largest county party in the country. We are an inclusive and diverse organization with leaders and activists of every ethnicity, religion, race, from every neighborhood of Brooklyn.

We stand for all Brooklynites, working to elect Democrats who will help the people of Brooklyn live better lives. We welcome you to get involved in the party, with your local neighborhood Democratic club or the county party as a whole. Whoever you are, whatever your background, the Kings County Democratic Party represents you and is eager to have you involved.

Information about the Constitutional Convention

In November, we'll be voting on whether to convene a Constitutional Convention. Here's information that may be helpful when considering the issue. 

Against the Constitutional Convention:

New Yorkers Against Corruption: http://www.nyagainstcorruption.com/the-real-facts/


In Favor of the Constitutional Convention

Candidates for Judge

Approved Candidates for Judge

5th Annual Post-Primary Breakfast Reception

Please join Chairman Frank Seddio as we celebrate the strength and unity of the nation's largest Democratic county organization (and maybe even sneak a bite of the nation's best cheesecake for breakfast) at the

5th Annual Brooklyn Dems Post-Primary Breakfast Reception

Monday, September...

Kings County Democratic County Committee
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