Statement of the Executive Committee About Recently Adopted Amendments to the Rules for the Government of the Kings County Democratic County Committee

On January 20, 2020 the Executive Committee of the Kings County Democratic Party approved three amendments to the Rules of the Brooklyn Democratic Party proposed by outgoing Chairperson Frank Seddio. Those amended Rules have been published to the Party's web site and filed pursuant to Statute.

The first amendment codified in writing the undocumented rule that the only voting members of the Executive Committee are State Committee Members. This Rule previously existed for over 50 years and was amended, with much controversy, to permit persons other than State Committee members to vote. Former Chairman Seddio pledged, upon his election, to return to the prior standard.

The second amendment clarified that substantive governance decisions cannot be made through resolutions presented at County Committee meetings and can only be made through the rules amendment process.

The final amendment altered the schedule of County Committee meetings to eliminate the requirement that a meeting be held specifically in January or February of years in which there is no organizational meeting. This amendment was not intended to reflect a permanent change to the number and scheduling of meetings. It was a legal perquisite to permit the Executive Committee to cancel the meeting otherwise required to be held before the end of this month to allow the new Chairperson, Assemblymember Rodneyse Bichotte, to listen to the concerns and priorities of County Committee Members to ensure the most productive use of County Committee meetings and to assess the Party’s financial situation, including ways to reduce the cost of meetings.

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