Special Committee on Rules

Frank R. Seddio, Chairman of the Executive Committee recently announced the appointment of a Special Committee on Rules to review and draft proposed amendment to the Rules currently in effect.

The members are:

Hon. Lewis Fidler (State Committee Member - 41st AD)

Hon. Annette Robinson (State Committee Member - 56th AD)
Hon. Cory Provost (State Committee Member - 58th AD)
Hon. Arelis Martinez (State Committee Member - 51st AD)
Matthew Coward, Esq. (founding President of the New Kings Democrats)
Ian Gaynor, Esq. (Law Chairman, Thomas Jefferson Democratic Club)
Hon. Josh Skaller (State Committee Member - 52nd AD)
Hon. Joseph Bova (State Committee Member - 49th AD)
Hon. Anthony Jones (State Committee Member - 55th AD)

Frank V. Carone, Esq. (Chairman of the Law Committee)
Jeffrey C. Feldman (Executive Director)

Kings County Democratic County Committee
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