County Leader Frank Seddio


Frank Seddio has been a community activist his entire adult life.   There has been no one more influential and important to the quality of life in Canarsie than Frank Seddio.  For almost 25 years Frank Seddio has treated the community to the largest and most elaborate Holiday Display in the City of New York.  Each Christmas season Frank's house on the corner of East 93rd Street and Flatlands Avenue has been the center of attention as he and his family members spend almost two months constructing this Holiday tradition.  For decades he has delighted and brought smiles to thousands of people from all over Brooklyn.

Frank Seddio has done this each year, at his own cost and expense.  He and his family spend almost two months each year putting together and constructing what has become the pride of our community and beyond. This display is presented at his own cost and expense. 

If you have ever enjoyed Labor Day at the West Indian Carnival on Eastern Parkway, You owe a Thank you to Frank Seddio.  Frank was one of the original people to start the Carnival in 1969 when he worked alongside Carlos Lezama President of the Association to create this nationally acclaimed event.   Frank Seddio was rewarded for his efforts by his selection as Grand Marshal of the parade. He has been a consistent, tireless worker for the West Indian Parade for over 42 years and has served as the organization’s attorney for over 20 years.  His efforts to coordinate the city services and sponsors of the Parade has helped to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars  and has given the people of the Caribbean community its most enjoyable and most famous activity each year on the Labor Day weekend. 

Cricket is an international sport most enjoyed by people of the Caribbean.  Frank Seddio was responsible for the creation of the Cricket fields built in Marine Park, Canarsie and at Gateway Shopping Center.  Frank’s efforts and financial support were the impetus for the construction of these fields which now enjoy use by the major Cricket Leagues in Brooklyn.  He was honored for his efforts by being made a member of the Cricket Hall Of Fame.  

Frank Seddio began his community work as a member of the Knights of Columbus, a fraternal organization dedicated to charitable works.  He served in many offices and was the youngest Grand Knight (President) of the organization which has been a part of fabric of Canarsie since its inception in 1958.

Frank Seddio was the founder and first President of the Canarsie Volunteer Ambulance Corps.  For over 25 years this organization has provided free ambulance service to the Canarsie community with over 100 volunteers who have given their time and talents, dedicating themselves to insuring life saving medical care to the people of Canarsie.

Frank Seddio was the first President of the East 90s Community Association.  This civic association, which represented the residents of Northern Canarsie, has served to provide a voice to our elected representatives when dealing with the quality of life issues that help to keep neighborhoods strong and vibrant.

Frank Seddio was the founder of the Canarsie Brotherhood Service.  Each year working with the Canarsie Lions, on the Monday before Thanksgiving, the various Religious Leaders of the Churches and Synagogues as well as the many civic associations of our community join together to give thanks to God for all we as a community and a nation have received from his divine blessings.  Frank created this event which has been held for over 29 years.

Frank Seddio was one of the first organizers of the Flatlands Volunteer Ambulance Corps  For over 36 years this organization has provided free ambulance service to the people of the Flatlands,  Marine Park, Mill Basin, Bergen Beach, Georgetown, Mill Island and Amersfoort communities.  Today, an Ambulance services the people of these communities bearing his name as testimonial to his dedication and commitment to this most vital community group.  

Frank Seddio served as a New York City Police Officer for over 23 years.  He was the Community Affairs officer for Brooklyn South and worked tirelessly for the communities of the 61st, 63rd and    69th Precincts.  In this capacity he was the liaison between the Precinct Community Councils and the Brooklyn Borough Commander.

Frank Seddio served as the District Manager of Community Board 18.  As District Manager, Frank took on some of the most important projects in the communities the board served.  He was responsible to the creation of the Salt Marsh Conservation site at Avenue U and East 37th Street.  Working with the Marine Park Civic Association he put together the plans for the new Park House and Senior Center as well as the reconstruction of the Bocce Courts and Playgrounds in Marine Park.  He worked on the plans for the Flatlands Pumping station at Ralph Avenue, the development of the Cricket fields in Canarsie and the reconstruction of Seaview Park.  He has worked to improve the services of all the City Agencies in our community.

Frank Seddio also served as the Chairman of Community Board 18.  He was the only Community Board Member in New York City to have the distinction of holding both titles. 

Frank Seddio was a member of Community School Board 18 representing the Canarsie Schools.  During the budget crisis Frank fought hard and succeeded in keeping Pre-K programs in our local schools.  He was credited with bringing funds to our schools for the creation of the technology programs which today are a staple in our public school programs.

Frank Seddio was elected to the New York State Assemby in the 59th Assembly District in 1998.  He represented the neighborhoods of Canarsie, Bergen Beach, Georgetown, Mill Basin, Mill Island, Marine Park, Flatlands Gerritsen Beach, Plumb Beach and Marine Madison for 7 years.  His efforts in Albany helped to enact pension reform for our City and State.  Among his many accomplishments in the legislature FRANK was credited with insuring that the necessary funds for the reconstruction of the Belt Parkway and for the Water Treatment Plant were made available.  He also succeeded in acquiring funds for the continued development of Marine and Seaview Parks as these projects are brought to fruition.

Frank Seddio was the first elected official to bring our neighbors together after the 9/11 attacks. On September 21st, 2011, he held the first of the many memorials for those who died at the World Trade Center.  This event, held in Marine Park, attracted over 10,000 residents of our community and helped to begin the healing process of this very turbulent and confusing period in our lives.

Frank Seddio   was elected as Surrogate Judge of Kings County where he presided of the need of many families as they attempted to address the estate issues of their loved ones.  He was considered one of the foremost authorities on Wills and Estate litigation and served as an advisor to many in our community who had to navigate the complex legal system of this important court of law. 

Frank Seddio   was elected as the Democratic District Leader for the 59th AD in September, 2010 replacing the revered Bernard Catcher who had passed away that year.  He was re-elected in September 2012 to continue in this capacity. 

Frank Seddio was elected as the Chairman of the Kings County Democratic Party on September 19th, 2012.  In an historic first, he was elected by 36 of the 40 Democratic Leaders present without opposition.  In this capacity Frank has made significant changes in the Organization’s structure which has allowed for greater participation, more transparency and restored the power of the individual leaders by eliminating the “at Large” members of the Executive Committee in the County organization.

Frank Seddio is a lifelong resident of our Community.  He was born in Canarsie.  He and is five siblings were raised by his mother, Marie, as a single parent after the loss of his father when he was 11 years old.  He attended PS 114 where four generations of his family also received their education. 

Frank Seddio is a graduate of John Wilson J.H.S. Tilden High School, Brooklyn College and St. John’s University School of Law.  He is a practicing attorney who has represents many civic and community organizations without cost. 

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